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MSSQL to MySQL SQL Commands

replace(convert(varchar, NOW(), 101),'/','') to date_format(NOW(),'%m%d%Y')  = 06292011

'E-'+cast(stub_id as varchar(15)) to concat('E-',stub_id) = E-12345

GETDATE() to NOW() = Current Timestamp

Note: MySql dates are in 2011-06-29 form

SELECT TOP 1 * from table1 to SELECT * from table1 LIMIT 1 = Return one row

I did a conversion recently and these 4 are the things I ran into the most.

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IE CSS Fixed

I added <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"> and now css fixed works in IE.


I like not having to make a giant workaround

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MySQL Remote Computer Wampserver

For error "Connection failed: [hy000] [mysql] [odbc driver 5.1]"

Add a user in phpmyadmin to be accessed by any host.  Grant access accordingly.

Add an exception in Windows Firewall for port 3306 (default MySQL port)


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Import Large Files into MySQL phpmyadmin

Start by doing what this site says:

Note:  File extension must be lower case for it to be recognized

The trick to getting it to go much faster is using the CSV using LOAD DATA option on the left side

For the csv file I set the field delimiter(Fields terminated by) to | (vertical bar), no text delimeter(Fields enclosed by),Left Fields escaped by \, and row delimiter(Lines terminated by) to ;  By default it is set to auto, but if it doesn't get the rows right try \n

I used these settings because the data has commas in the contents and CR/LFs also.

It took 30secs to import 60,000 with indexes and 10min to import 2,000,000 with indexes

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Brother HL-2240

Solution:  Use the gdi drivers


Error trying to connect to Brother HL-2240 over the network.  It is on a local computer plugged in USB.  It is shared.  I found it on the network but it said it couldn't give me the drivers.  So I used the disc and tried the generic 64bit one.  It failed.  Turns out it works if you use the gdi drivers instead.

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Public DNS

Google released public DNS addresses that every one can use. and

I plan on using them instead of my ISP's and that way I can easily remember them no matter which ISP I am on.


System Clock

Whenever strange things have happened lately, it turned out to be because of the clock.

I was getting error for ssl certificates.  I finally read the error and it said that the certificate wasn't valid yet.  I had changed some things with the DNS so I thought that was an issue.  It turned out it was because I had set my date back 2 years to stop my evaluation copy of Windows 7 to stop rebooting.

I just had a problem connecting to my VPN because I had the AM and PM messed up.


Fun times 🙂

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