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jQuery Animation Queue


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CSS :before and :after and Float clear

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Hostgator Free SSL

The Business plan comes with a free dedicated IP address and a free private SSL certificate, but you have to fill out this form to activate it.

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Facebook Open Graph Debugger

Shows you Facebook's web scrapper results

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Facebook Canvas(iFrame) App not getting Open Graph meta tags

This article reassured me that I had the right settings, but the thing that really fixed my issue was the small note at the bottom.

Note: If you perform FB login redirection/authentication before providing og meta tags, then FB crawlers/linter will not be able to detect your meta info and will try to auto-fill it.

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SFTP for Hostgator

Everything is the same as FTP but change
Security Mode: SFTP
Port: 2222

Works in fireFTP and Cyberduck

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Ideas Worth Spreading

Has video of very interesting conferences. It looks like I could spend a lot of time on here.
TED - Ideas Worth Spreading

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Pandora Google Chrome App

Anesidora - Unofficial Pandora Chrome App

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