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jQuery Uppercase each

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Shopify Full Url of Product

Absolute url of product:
{{ shop.url }}{{ product.url }}

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Select Box of US States

Works well with Select2

<select id="location" name="location" placeholder="Location">
	<option value="AL">AL - Alabama</option>
	<option value="AK">AK - Alaska</option>
	<option value="AZ">AZ - Arizona</option>
	<option value="AR">AR - Arkansas</option>
	<option value="CA">CA - California</option>
	<option value="CO">CO - Colorado</option>
	<option value="CT">CT - Connecticut</option>
	<option value="DC">DC - Washington, DC</option>
	<option value="DE">DE - Delaware</option>
	<option value="FL">FL - Florida</option>
	<option value="GA">GA - Georgia</option>
	<option value="HI">HI - Hawaii</option>
	<option value="ID">ID - Idaho</option>
	<option value="IL">IL - Illinois</option>
	<option value="IN">IN - Indiana</option>
	<option value="IA">IA - Iowa</option>
	<option value="KS">KS - Kansas</option>
	<option value="KY">KY - Kentucky</option>
	<option value="LA">LA - Louisiana</option>
	<option value="ME">ME - Maine</option>
	<option value="MD">MD - Maryland</option>
	<option value="MA">MA - Massachusetts</option>
	<option value="MI">MI - Michigan</option>
	<option value="MN">MN - Minnesota</option>
	<option value="MS">MS - Mississippi</option>
	<option value="MO">MO - Missouri</option>
	<option value="MT">MT - Montana</option>
	<option value="NE">NE - Nebraska</option>
	<option value="NV">NV - Nevada</option>
	<option value="NH">NH - New Hampshire</option>
	<option value="NJ">NJ - New Jersey</option>
	<option value="NM">NM - New Mexico</option>
	<option value="NY">NY - New York</option>
	<option value="NC">NC - North Carolina</option>
	<option value="ND">ND - North Dakota</option>
	<option value="OH">OH - Ohio</option>
	<option value="OK">OK - Oklahoma</option>
	<option value="OR">OR - Oregon</option>
	<option value="PA">PA - Pennsylvania</option>
	<option value="RI">RI - Rhode Island</option>
	<option value="SC">SC - South Carolina</option>
	<option value="SD">SD - South Dakota</option>
	<option value="TN">TN - Tennessee</option>
	<option value="TX">TX - Texas</option>
	<option value="UT">UT - Utah</option>
	<option value="VT">VT - Vermont</option>
	<option value="VA">VA - Virginia</option>
	<option value="WA">WA - Washington</option>
	<option value="WV">WV - West Virginia</option>
	<option value="WI">WI - Wisconsin</option>
	<option value="WY">WY - Wyoming</option>
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