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Learn By Mistake 1

I felt that a contract isn't really needed because my client should want my services. If they didn't, why are we doing business together.

Now, I still agree on that for the most part, however, the person that you have a relationship with might no longer be part of the company or someone has come into play that would have the power to override that person's decision. Having a contract allows the new people to not blow off the relationship without at least giving it a try. If by the end of the contract they are not convinced, then obviously we are not a good match and we should part ways.


Google Places API URL Not Permitted

Using Google Places API, my request was being denied but others weren't. It turned out I was going to "" instead of "". Oddly the site worked fine with the dot after the com. Took quite a while to figure it out.

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casperJs not finishing on Windows

On Windows Laptop CasperJs would not finish but had no errors.
Strangely had to do with the NVIDIA Graphics Card
To fix:
Open NVIDIA Control Panel
Manage 3D Settings
Global Settings tab
Preferred Graphics Processor: High-performance NVIDIA performance

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jQuery Submit Function Not Working

jQuery submit function error "Property 'submit' of object # is not a function" seems to happen if you use "submit" as a name inside the form you are trying to use the submit() function on.

<form id="theFrm">
<button name="submit" type="submit">Save</button>

Don't use "submit" as a name and $("#theFrm").submit() should work

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