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Brother HL-2240

Solution:  Use the gdi drivers


Error trying to connect to Brother HL-2240 over the network.  It is on a local computer plugged in USB.  It is shared.  I found it on the network but it said it couldn't give me the drivers.  So I used the disc and tried the generic 64bit one.  It failed.  Turns out it works if you use the gdi drivers instead.

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Public DNS

Google released public DNS addresses that every one can use. and

I plan on using them instead of my ISP's and that way I can easily remember them no matter which ISP I am on.


System Clock

Whenever strange things have happened lately, it turned out to be because of the clock.

I was getting error for ssl certificates.  I finally read the error and it said that the certificate wasn't valid yet.  I had changed some things with the DNS so I thought that was an issue.  It turned out it was because I had set my date back 2 years to stop my evaluation copy of Windows 7 to stop rebooting.

I just had a problem connecting to my VPN because I had the AM and PM messed up.


Fun times 🙂

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Boot without keyboard

In BIOS, Main->Halt On->All but keyboard.

Saved me from having a bunch of random keyboards plugged in all over the place.