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Cross-Browser Testing

I'm using a Mac so no IE to play with, so it got me looking around. opens a dynamic cloud computer with whatever OS, Browser, and Resolution you would like. The remote Browser has dev tools, even Firebug Lite in IE.

You can take screenshots if you want to as well.

I used this instead of (which looks cool too, takes screenshots based on different browsers) because I needed to login to the page I was testing.


Should I Send Email

Email Overload

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Color-Blindness Test Your Site

Put in your web address or an image and see what it would look like if you were color-blind

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Inattention Blindness

How people miss things when they are focused on something else

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Free Commercial-Use Fonts

Really great fonts!

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Online Credit Card Processor Alternative

Stripe is a snazzy looking Credit Card processor that has an API so you don't have to pass back and forth from something like Paypal. Also, the rates are about the same at 2.9% + $0.30 per transactions. It can do one-time and subscriptions. It deposits directly to you bank account every 7 days.


Ideas Worth Spreading

Has video of very interesting conferences. It looks like I could spend a lot of time on here.
TED - Ideas Worth Spreading

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Pandora Google Chrome App

Anesidora - Unofficial Pandora Chrome App

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Javascript Perfomance

Lets you try out different variations and tests them on several browsers to show you which way is faster.

Pretty Awesome!


QR Code Generator

Some call them a "uId"

Creates unique bar code things that you can load all sorts of info into.  I just added it to the back of my business cards and it imports all my info to your phone.  Could have a lot of cool applications.

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