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SecuriSync – File Sync for Business

Basically a Dropbox, but more focused on businesses.

Conclusion (keep reading for details):
This is the File Sync Program I would use for business. Not very expensive and has all the features that I would want. Overkill for personal file syncing though.

securiSync Login

I like it a lot so far. Has some cool options like:

  • Versioning (you can access older versions of the same file which is great if what you needed got overwritten in the newest version)
  • Collaborate (you can invite other to your file or folder so they can help make changes too)
  • Locking (you can let the others you are collaborating with know that you are working on this file and their changes won't override yours)
  • View Deleted Files (you can see files that were deleted and restore if needed or permanently delete them)

File Options



As an Admin:

  • Audit Logs (you can review the Audit Log to see all the files that have been worked on and by whom. Which could be handy in certain circumstances.)
  • Retention (you can have files that are active or previously deleted auto-delete after a set amount of time)
  • Manage Users (you can create as many users as you like and set storage limits by user)
  • Devices (you can see what devices are being used by which user and what version they are using and the last time it was used)

Audit Log


Things that bothered me:

  • Requires phone number for signup - I don't like that (what are they going to do with it. I don't want to be solicited)
  • Requires CC to even to do the trial. I wonder if there is going to be a hassle to cancel the trial
    • Seems that is required to activate account. Once you are in you choose what plan you want to pay for
    • Doesn't seem to really have a trial period. I think they just charged me already
  • Not a big deal but you can't drag files to SecuriSync Web like you can with Google Drive
  • I used the sync for Mac and seemed pretty slow, but to be fair my internet has been a little spotty. May just have been the internet and not the program

Things that were nice to know:

  • Doesn't auto create a user, which I like so I can set it up any way I like instead of being stuck with what I activated the account with
  • You can import many users at once using a CSV
  • Has clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Blackberry
    • I used the one for Mac and Android and had no real issues
  • Can attach files to email by integrating SecuriSync and Outlook

Sharing files with people outside your business is easy. You click share and add the email you want to send it to. You can also add a passcode for the file. They will get an email with a link to enter the passcode(if it had one) and download the file. They do not have access to any other files but the one you sent them.

I have been using Google Drive for quite a while. The main feature that I would miss switching to securiSync would be using the Google Docs in realtime with someone else. However, that happens so rarely, that I would give it up to have the Audit Controls, Versioning, Un-Delete, and Retention Policies.