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Google Sheets Conditional Formatting for Errors (#N/A)

Used this to highlight "#N/A".
Google Sheets Conditional Formatting Errors

KEY: Use the first cell in the range in the formula. It will do the rest.

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Uploaded Pictures on Blogger Darker than Originals

Turns out this happens to a lot of people and there is an easy but not obvious solution:

  1. Go to your Google+
  2. Click on the Home in the top corner
  3. Click Settings
  4. Turn off Auto Enhance


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My picture in Google Search Results

You know that when you search Google some of the results have a picture next to them. I tend to click those more for some reason. (I'm guessing some psychology thing)


2 Steps

1. You need to add a link to your Google+ Profile on your blog. I put mine in the footer.
To get your Google+ Profile Url go to and Url in the address bar is your Url.

2. Go to your Google+ Profile and edit the Links section and add you blog/site to the Contributor To.
You can also just use this link. Contributor To section.

Link ex.

<a href='' rel='author' target='_blank'>Your name</a>

You can test is at

There are actually two ways you can get your picture added, but the one above I think is the easiest.

If you would like info on the other way

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