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Windows 7 projectLocker Amazon EC2

Windows 7
ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "username in projectLocker"

Add public key to user in ProjectLocker

Then install SmartGit

Use SSH url from ProjectLocker
and location of private key from ssh-keygen

Use winSCP and EC2 Private Key to access server

copy projectLocker private key to /home/(user in this instance)/.ssh/

Enter passphrase

Go to EC2 using SSH and go to where you want to clone the repository
"git clone ."



Login to Local Computer that is on a Domain


Logins to local computer instead of the domain

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Windows Anonymous is not included in Everyone

In some versions of Windows the "Anonymous" Group is not included in the "Everyone" Group.

Thought it was worth noting in case it comes up sometime. Like normal breakfast chit chat.

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No ads using dns


Stylized Icons

These are really cool not for commercial use though.

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Windows ODBC connect to MySQL

After the download and setup, MySQL will be an option in Data Sources (ODBC) under Administrative Tools in Control Panel

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